Monday, November 12, 2007

A story I wrote


Hi my name is Frank. I love to race in my car in professional races. My car is a Saleen S7. It goes 255 miles per hour. The best race I have ever done is in Germany on the autobon. I won $3,000,000! I am now about to enter a race called Speed. They say that this race is the best race ever. It comes every 10 years. The race is for $100,000,000. I bet I will smoke these guys. I am now getting in my car. The race is about to start. The race is in half of the whole world. Start Your Engines! Ok now I am about to start the race. There is a guy named Phil and a guy named Mark and a lady named Valencia racing me now I am starting to get some speed. I drift around a turn. I forgot to tell you that you have to drift on all turns. Phil is catching up to me. Phil is in a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and Valencia is in a Pagani Zonda C12S Roadster and Mark is in an Enzo Ferarri. All of the sudden the track gets bigger and hundreds of supercars come speeding through. “Oh no” I said. This is not going to be fun I said. A turn is coming up. A car starts to do circles in the air. And then I see about ten cars piled up on top of each other. I am going about 235 miles per hour. Why aren’t I passing anyone? There is a McLaren on my tail. I can’t tell what kind of McLaren is on my tail because I am going so fast. I don’t want to focus on it because I am busy focusing on the race. WOW that was close. Someone almost wrecked in to me. I am going uphill now. Where is the road? All the sudden I go flying through the air. I land on the ground and my front bumper goes flying. Someone landed and he went flying like my bumper and he was doing circles in the air. I am now going over a bridge and I am going almost 250 miles per hour. Someone went off the bridge and plopped into the water. I am about to go on a turn. I start braking and someone in front of me starts rolling into a tree. I start drifting and someone almost wrecks into me and I barely dodge him. That was close! I said. I start to get some speed and then I start to go uphill and then I say “not another jump.” I go up in the air and then I land. But this time I land better. I am going downhill. Now I have a lot of speed. I am going about 245 miles per hour and all of the sudden I see a big sign and it says finist no it says finish! I finish in third place and I get $1,000,000! THE END

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007



My Birthday

My Birthday is coming up! In November it will be my Birthday! I hope it will be fun. It's @ skateland.