Sunday, March 9, 2008


If you haven't played toontown @ all, than you should! At least play the free trial. That is still fun. You will be super addicted to the game and you will have a blast playing! You first start out with two gags. Gags are pretty much like weapons. You fight cogs wich are evil robots that try to make you sad and then they try to take over toontown!!!!!! You get to be a lot of different types of animals. You can choose any type of animal and there will be no difference exept for the way you talk to other toons. Ok, the first two gags you start out with are the cupcake and the squirting flower wich is controlled by a buton. When you start out as a toon, you have to defeat a Funky Bossbot. That is your toontask. Toontasks are tasks that you have to do. That is it with toontasks. Ok, after you defeat the flunky, you will meet up with some guy who will tell you how to use chat and speed chat. Speed chat is pre-approved sentences that you can click on whenever you want. Chat is where you need to have a membership wich allows you to do many things that aren't possible for a free trial player to do, but, chat is where you need to have a true friend and then you cantype what you say. True friends is where you need to give a friend a code that you can find in the true friends menu. But after you meet the guy that tells you how to talk, walk through the next street woich is the big hole made out of bricks. Then have to go to the toon HQ (it has a big telescope on top of it) and get the toontask where you have to go on the trolley and there is one where you have to get a blackboard eraser from cogs. After that, you are on your own. PLAY IT!!!!!! GET THE MEMBERSHIP!!!!!! NOW!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!


I haven't posted anything in a while so, I am just saying hi to all of you web surfers! I hope you have fun at my web site and watch all of my videos!!! Bye...