Sunday, October 4, 2009

I cant believe that Halloween is coming up already!!!

I am so excited! I have not chosen what costume I am going to wear for Halloween, but I have an idea. I think I should be Fred. What do you think? Please post in the comments what you think I should be for Halloween. Another thing is Christmas! I already see Christmas stuff in stores all the time. (WOW) It seems like it was Christmas yesterday! TIME FLIES! Lately, I have been skateboarding a lot. I am usually outside like 8 hours of my day. (Not really, but maybe a few hours.) lol. Not many people have viewed my blog lately. :(
Well, see you later! Bye!


Hi everybody! I have not posted in a while, so I just wanted to say hello! One way you can contact me is through YouTube (if you have a YouTube account). My YouTube account is MrCars240. Go to to view my profile and my videos! Or you can email me at! See ya!