Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hey there

Hello everyone and welcome to my website!

I hope you've had fun playing my games and watching my vids! Oh and my Birthday is next month in November! I am turning 11 years old! I am soooo excited! But, I am not sure where I want to go for my birthday this year. If you go by my picture somewhere, it'll say like: posts this month, the month before... I have my last birthday when I turned 10 last year under 07. I am gonna try to post up pics of my birthday up after the party in November 18, 2008!!! Come and see a few days after the 18 of November! Bye for now!!!


Simple Irony said...

I can`t wait for your birthday this year! We can go to Skateland again if you want, or maybe a smaller party and go to Castles and Coasters! Any other ideas? I can`t believe you are going to be 11! WEIRD!

Ashton Car Lover said...

Yeah! Me either!!!!!!